Golfera and its territory

The history and culture of our region of origin have been decisive factors in our success.


Lavezzola, old town of lower Romagna between Bologna, Ferrara and Ravenna, is in a landscape, where the rivers and the roads which criss-crossed villages and countryside have represented for centuries a landmark for food business: the Sillaro marks a kind of gastronomic frontier, west of which mutton, a traditional Romagna dish, is not habitually eaten; the Reno, formerly the route of the Po di Primaro, was for centuries the principal artery via which salt was transported from the Adriatic to the cities of the Po valley; and via Bastia, the road built by the Este dynasty to connect Ferrara to Romagna, was at one time dotted with inns and eating houses.


We work every day with the influence of a secret bond between landscape and old flavours. A plain dotted with country towns, bell towers rising against the horizon, small villages that attest to a long and thriving rural tradition, where cured pork products have been made for centuries. It’s this tradition that Golfera has drawn upon to develop its own innovative products: "the new products with traditional flavour", effectively expresses what it’s all about: a range of quality hams and salamis new in their nutritional properties, but traditional in their flavour, texture and fragrance; new in terms of production technology and unsurpassable standards of hygiene, but traditional in terms of the depth of cultural nous brought to bear in their preparation.