Golfera Green

Product quality and an emphasis on local produce require constant commitment to protecting and preserving the environment. Golfera ecology care is not only a responsibility, but it is a core value of sustainable action and is closely linked to the ability of an enterprise to create value.

Our sustainability plan

So Golfera Green has been created, a project based on procedures and preventive measures to improve the environment management and the use of all forms of energy: the rationalization of water and power consumption the continuous monitoring of emissions of pollutants and of the loudness level in production sites, a proper wastes management and their impact are the guidelines of our procedures for environmental responsibility. We believe in the undeniable need to implement all the available measures to make better use of renewable energy resources, in order to reduce pollution due to fossil fuel consumption.

  • We have undertaken a significant photovoltaic system for the production of 210 thousand KW per year over an area of over 1000 square feet of coverage;
  • We realized an energy-saving plan that led to the replacement of all internal and external lighting fixtures with energy saving light bulbs and of all the electric motors of the machines with new low-power engines.
  • It is also working a system of storage for saving heat and for hot water production.
  • Among the early commitments, we have thought about the environmental impact of our packaging. Started on the path to reducing waste at source, we developed packaging made of biodegradable or recycle-friendly materials, focusing our attention on homogeneous materials from components, usually easier to post-consumer waste. A virtuous example are our Rolls (Rotolini): freshness-preserving packaging, containing about 60% of plastic less than a traditional tray.
  • We optimize the saturation of the pallets to strive for maximum yield of storage units and transport, thereby reducing the number of vehicles needed to transport the goods.
  • We are reducing promotional materials related to traditional products, preferring the use of communications media and information technology. However, when it is necessary to use printed materials, we prefer recyclable, recycled or from renewable sources supports.