Our story begins in the early 1960s, with the opening of the original Golfera factory in the small town of Lavezzola. 

An adventure full of flavour and low in fat

As the economic boom gained momentum, this small, local business had a dream: to become a leading name in the Italian food industry. It was a dream fuelled by enterprise, far-sightedness and, in the company’s first decade of existence, its ability to produce an excellent mortadella. But the roots of our success go much deeper than that. More than its products, what makes Golfera special is the people who are part of our company. People who share the same values and the same philosophy: the importance of tradition and respect for what’s good.

My grandfather and father worked as pork butchers in the Rimini countryside. Now times have changed and the third and fourth generations of our family have answered their calling in the same line of work, but as part of a modern entrepreneurial culture. A culture which has its roots in the remote past, and which for this reason cannot do without strategies based on the high quality of the product: it has to be nutritious, hygienic, healthy, and natural.

(Alvaro Zavaglia, President)

New products with all the flavour of tradition

In the 1970s, Golfera decided to extend its product range to all kinds of cured meats. It was a shrewd decision, as time has shown, and one that has gone a long way to shaping our identity. We put all our skill and passion into our new products, and the results were truly impressive. In 1989 we launched our now-famous GOLFETTA, which won the Oscar for Innovation at the CIBUS food show in 1990. In 1997 the company was bought by the Zavaglia family and embarked on a new phase of renewal with products like GOLFELLA, DOLCEMAGRO, SAN VALENTINO and BRESÌ: products that are now the stars of our repertoire and have made a fundamental contribution to the expansion of our company in one of the most exciting and prosperous periods of its history.

A solid present

In recent years we’ve been increasingly dedicating our resources and energies to certain business objectives: satisfying the requirements of all our clients, maintaining the quality of our products and expanding our distribution network

Today, Golfera is a leading ambassador of Italian cured meats around the world:

  • in France, Switzerland, Germany, and further afield in Japan, the United States and Canada. That’s confirmation of the global prestige enjoyed by the Italian gastronomic tradition and the Golfera brand;
  • we hold IFS and BRC certification, the two leading international food safety standards for the retail sector;
  • we participate in the leading national and international food shows, such as Cibus (Parma), Anuga (Cologne) and Sial (Paris), where we have won major accolades for product innovation;
  • we have expanded and renovated our factory, a production area over 38,000 m2, dedicated to processing and production (curing, refrigeration and storage)  and offices;
  • we make cured meats of high nutritional value and reduced fat content, with an emphasis on flavour, wholesomeness and lightness;
  • we have introduced a range of products that are totally organic from farm to packaging, produced with total respect for animal welfare and the natural rhythms of nature and the environment.
Our values

An insistence on authenticity and excellence in every aspect and every stage of the production process, attention to detail and quality of service/product, innovation, celebrating our natural heritage and national culture, caring for our consumers and listening to them: these are the values that have driven our achievements. We are proud of our history and our dedication to families in Italy and everywhere.

Cured meats you can trust.